Best Skin Lightening Methods

A lot of people use a variety of skin lightening creams and homemade skin lightening solutions to even their skin tone when dark spots or sun spots appear, or if their complexion is dull. But achieving a flawless, fair skin tone isn’t an easy task at all, especially considering how many different skin lightening methods exist. To make it easier for you to achieve the fair and flawless skin of your dreams, read the following lines to find out which are the most effective methods that you can turn to.

Eva Naturals skin lightening cream

A very efficient and effective solution to even out your skin tone and to lighten it is to use the Eva Naturals skin lightening cream. The 4-ounce cream comes at the price of only $19. The all-natural ingredients that go into making it ensure that it won’t do any harm to your skin. It’s ideal for those who have been exposed to excess UV lights and who have dark spots. It fades and lightens hyperpigmentation. It reduces discoloration to promote a bright and even skin tone. In addition, the blend of coconut oil and B vitamins used in its production give it incredible hydration capabilities as well.


Lemons aren’t only delicious and great for your health, but they are amazing for your skin as well. The acidic content of these fruits makes them the perfect choice for skin lightening. Best of all, they’re an all-natural method to go with and they don’t present any risk to the quality and health of your skin. Take 1-2 lemons and squeeze them in a bowl. Take a cotton ball and dip it in the freshly squeezed juice. Afterward, apply the lemon juice with the help of the cotton ball on your skin. Also, you can rub slices of lemon directly on your skin.

Yogurt and oatmeal mask

Yogurt contains a lot of nutrients that do wonders for your skin. Also, the lactic acid in its composition gives it bleaching capabilities. Therefore, it’s not only great for nourishing the skin but it’s great for brightening your skin tone as well. Although you can use yogurt alone to make your skin lighter in complexion, the best thing to do is to use it in combination with oatmeal, and honey or lemon juice. The mask that is created from the mixture is a lot more effective, and the results appear faster.

Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is one of the most hyped plants out there due to its miraculous health boosting properties. To make your skin brighter and to get rid of various flaws like sun spots and dark spots, aloe vera gel is the go-to solution. If you have an aloe vera plant in your home, cut the outer layers of a leaf, and squeeze out the jelly-like substance in them. Apply the gel directly on your skin, and leave it there for up to 30 minutes. When the time passes, wash the gel off with water. In about 2 weeks, you should see impressive results. In case you don’t have an aloe vera plant at home, you can buy the gel from any market or pharmacy.