How Dirty Water Affects Your Skin

Most people think that water is moisturizing or hydrating and provides a healthy skin. Actually, this is true, but it depends on the quality of your water. If your water is dirty and it contains a lot of pollutants, including bacteria, germs, and other harmful microorganisms, it can be very dangerous for your skin. As such, in the following lines, we will teach you, how dirty water affects your skin.

Chlorine affects the skin

Chlorine was added to water for a special purpose: to kill bacteria and other harmful organisms. But why does it damage our skin? When you are exposed to water, which contains exacerbate chlorine, your skin can be affected. Moreover, if you have a sensitive skin, you may often develop allergies or an itchy rash. However, to avoid chlorine’s harmful effects, you should use a chlorine filter in your bathtub or shower. Moreover, for the tap water, it’s recommended to use a water filter, which can provide clean and safe drinking water. Plus, it’s good to know that a moisturizer will treat dry skin caused by chlorine.

Dirty water contains germs

Did you know that dirty water can contain germs? These tiny animals which can be seen only with a microscope can cause skin disorders. Furthermore, they can cause a lot of other diseases including, hepatitis A, gastrointestinal illnesses and even cold and flu. However, when it comes to skin, you must know that bacteria and germs can get into cuts and broken skin and cause pus sores which will lead you to several infections. Think about installing a whole house water filter system which can solve a lot of problems affecting your water quality, taste, or appearance of the water. Plus, these types of filtration systems will be able to remove a lot of contaminants from your water, including germs, through a filter connected to your water line.

The toxic chemicals from the water affect the skin

Everybody knows that water is unsafe when it contains toxic chemicals, such as fluoride, mercury, lead, arsenic and more. All these chemicals have toxic effects on your skin and it can cause serious illnesses. The skin is multi-layered and it has several layers composed of living cells, which protect it from various disorders. However, when an irritant reaches on these sensitive cells, they can only respond with inflammation, including pain and redness.