Makeup Ideas for Teenage Girls

A teenage girl doesn’t need heavy makeup like an adult woman does. Excess makeup actually does more harm than good to her skin, and it’s useless considering the fact that there aren’t so many flaws to hide in the first place. A common mistake that teenage girls make is that they apply foundation on their young skin. The truth is that they don’t really need it. The foundation doesn’t allow the skin to breathe, and acne might appear. Also, it gives them a fake look that doesn’t suit their age and beauty. Instead, to hide the small flaws on their skin, it’s best for teens to wear concealer. If you’re a teen girl and you want to find out some great makeup ideas that go great anywhere you go, and that will accentuate your natural beauty, read the following lines.

Discrete smokey eyes and light pink lipstick

A great look that goes perfectly for teen girls that have any face shape, eye color, or hair color, is to stick to discrete smokey eyes and light pink lipstick. Start by using the concealer to hide any flaws that are on your skin. Next, do a classic smokey eyes makeup, but don’t extend it like grown-ups do. Instead, make it at a smaller and more discrete scale. The last part of your makeup is the lipstick, of course. The light pink lipstick is wonderful in this combination because it doesn’t look flashy at all, as you can see in the picture above. Also, it gives you a sweet and pleasant look.

Pink and light lilac makeup

If you are going out on your first date, or you’re meeting up with friends, it’s perfectly normal to wear a more intense makeup than you usually do. The color combination of pink and light lilac is perfect when putting on the makeup as a teen because it gives you a sweet look. On your lips, apply pink or light pink lipstick. When it comes to your eyes, use a combination of light pink and light lilac for the eye shadow. Also, don’t forget to apply mascara on your lashes to make them more voluminous.

Mascara and orange lipstick

To give yourself a bubbly look and capture the attention of the boy that you like, you can go with mascara and orange lipstick. The brightly colored lipstick is what makes this makeup idea so great, making you pop out anywhere you go. Besides applying mascara that adds length and volume to your lashes, and the spectacular orange lipstick on your lips, you should hide any flaws on your skin with concealer. Even though it’s a simple makeup idea, the end result is simply amazing.