Natural Ways to Get Long and Curved Lashes

Do you want to have some long, dark and curved lashes? Nothing is more simple than that. There may be plenty of solutions which can help you get some amazing eyelashes, but they are quite expensive. Instead, there are a lot of natural ways to get long and curved lashes.

Use baby powder

Did you know that baby powder can do wonders on your lashes? This amazing powder can make your lashes long ad curved. However, if you are not convinced about this trick you can try it once. You will be so surprised about the results, that you will incorporate this activity into your lash routine. As such, if you are thinking about using baby powder, you need to know that this procedure is quite easy. After curling your eyelashes, apply baby powder on your upper and lower lashes. Finally, you can start applying mascara and your eyelashes will appear almost doubled in size.

Have you ever tried lip balm?

These days, most girls are hoping to get long lashes by trying various solutions. One of the most efficient ways to have long and curved lashes is by applying lip balm on them. Spread the lip balm from the inner eye to the edge of your eye. Massage your eyelashes with lip balm before applying mascara. Curl your lashes with an eyelash curler and you will get the desired results.

Peter Thomas Roth Lashes

At least once in your lifetime, you must try Peter Thomas Roth Lashes. This is a lash growth serum which makes you eyelashes grow much longer in record time. It has a secret formula which provides a blend of nourishing peptides that won’t irritate your skin. However, it’s recommended to use this serum daily, and in just four weeks, you will be pleasantly surprised by the growth of your lashes.

Petroleum jelly

Another alternative to help your lashes grow longer and become much stronger is the petroleum jelly. This gel has some amazing moisturizing properties which help the eyelashes grow thicker and longer. Furthermore, it is very hydrating. You just have to a little petroleum jelly on a cotton swam and massage your eyelids. Wait for it to dry for a few minutes and wash your eyes with warm water. If you will follow this tip every day before going to bed, you can get the desirable results in less than a month.