Painless Ways to Get Rid of Skin Tags

Skin tags are very unpleasant to have even though they are not dangerous in any way, so people are always interested in finding efficient ways to get rid of them. Whether you have skin tags on your face, body, legs, or in more sensitive areas like the armpits or eyelids, the following solutions will turn out to be efficient and, most of all, painless.

The TagBand Device

This device is a more comfortable version of cutting the skin tags off so you will prefer it over many other methods. This kit is safe to use and has no risk of infection since it uses individual bands that are then thrown away. All you have to do is place a band around the tag, apply the plastic tool over the tag and slowly push it to cut the blood supply that will result in the skin tag falling off. No pain, no mess, and no scars left with this useful and handy tool.

Tea tree oil

This is one of the simplest methods to get rid of skin tags without the slightest sign of pain. Being a strong essential oil, especially in pure form, allows the tea tree oil to attack the tag and make it fall off in a few weeks. Use a cotton swap dipped in the oil and apply it to the skin a few times a day until the tag changes color, dries, and falls off. You won’t even feel the steps involved in making the skin tag go away and your skin will remain clean.

Freeze Wart Kit

Another easy and painless solution to ridding skin tags is to freeze them using this kit based on liquid nitrogen. Freezing stops the blood supply so the skin excrescence will not be able to survive and it will fall off shortly after the process. It takes a week or two for the product to work and if used properly, no scars or signs will remain on the skin after using it.

H-Skin Tags Formula

This product is a combination of natural ingredients that work together to eliminate the unpleasant skin tags. It can be safely used at home and it’s painless and scar-free and you can apply it to any area of your body, including the face. Using a cotton swab is the best way to apply this skin tag removal and the results will be visible in a few weeks.