Proper Skin Care for Women Over 50

Once they exceed a certain age, women need to take better care of their look because they start losing precious nutrients that contribute to the health and aspect of their skin. A woman’s skin elasticity starts to fade as the skin loses collagen and moisture so it’s essential to support it with the right skin care products and tips. Here is what women over 50 should know about the proper skin care for their age.

Choose the right cosmetics

If you used to buy your face cream according to brand or smell, it’s time to start looking for the one that contains the right ingredients that cover the needs of your aging skin. Many products contain botox, collagen, and other substances that are necessary for your skin to remain firm and elastic.

Use sun protection every day

After a certain age, the sun can become even more damaging to the skin as it is more prone to develop age spots and wrinkles. Therefore, never go out without wearing a sunscreen, or at least a cream with a high solar protection factor. Look for products with a minimum of 40 SPF and that can block UVA and UVB lights that are responsible for various skin problems including skin cancer.

Apply eye creams

The skin around your eyes is more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your body because it’s thinner and more vascularized which is why it requires special care. This time of your life is when you should start using eye cream the most so your eyes will receive the proper nourishment. Choose an eye cream that contains ingredients that encourage the development of collagen such as peptides or glycolic acid.

Gently clean your skin

Harsh movements and treatments are forbidden on your skin at all times but as you age, they should be out of discussion. Therefore, avoid sudden moves when taking your makeup off and try not to use exfoliating products that could damage your skin. Offer your skin soft and delicate treatments with circular movements that pull the skin upwards to prevent sagging skin.

Provide the proper hydration

As women age, their skin starts losing natural oils that are responsible for keeping their skin shiny and glowing. Also, the skin becomes more sensitive and dry, which means a proper hydration is in demand. Drinking plenty of water is a natural way of ensuring the necessary amounts of water for your entire body and for your skin as well. Moisturizing creams and thermal water sprays should be a part of your beauty bag more than ever once you turn 50.