Useful Makeup Tricks from Expert Makeup Artists

It’s very important to know how to apply the makeup and there are many tricks that most women don’t know. Many of us feel like although we’ve been wearing makeup all our life, we’re still missing some important things. There are many secrets about how to apply the makeup like expert makeup artists do, but in order to learn them, you have to know their technique. So, this is your opportunity to find out some professional makeup tricks from the experts and change your daily makeup routine.

Wear a Primer

The experts recommend using a primer every time you apply the makeup. Nevertheless, it’s very important that the primer you use to be appropriate to your skin type because this will reduce the appearance of the oil in case you have an oily skin. Also, the primer will act as a base for the makeup, being able to apply the makeup much easier and making it more resistant. This happens because the primer closes and smooths the pores before you start applying the foundation.

Apply the Blush Before the Foundation

Another great trick from expert makeup artists is to make a habit and apply the blush before the foundation. This may sound strange, but in fact, the blush will look as if it would naturally come from beneath the skin. So, remember to do this every time before you start applying the foundation.

Go with a Powdered Mineral Foundation

A powdered mineral foundation is far much better than a liquid foundation because it offers a natural coverage and it also blends more smoothly. Moreover, the powdered mineral foundation can be applied on the skin in several layers until you reach the desired coverage and it will look much more natural. Experts also say that it’s good for the skin, so give it a try.

How to Keep Your Mascara for a Longer Period of Time

You surely feel that all the mascaras you use, tend to dry out too soon, and this is very true. Nevertheless, thanks to the experts’ advice, you can extend the life of a mascara if you add a few drops of saline solution into the tube. Due to the fact that the solution moisturizes the formula, you will be able to enjoy your mascara for a longer period of time.

Buy Professional Brushes

For a smooth application of the makeup, the experts recommend us to use professional brushes. They are much better than the common brushes and they will allow you to brush and blend your makeup much easier. The result will be a flawless finish that will resist all day long.